Fast, Secure & Reliable
Enterprise-Grade Mobile Device
Management Solution

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MiDM™ - Seamlessly configure, manage, deploy device configurations, files and application or device updates - all remotely.

Comprehensive and cost-effective MDM suite enables business to securely manage all complex mobile deployments in multiple user groups over-the-air from a single management console regardless of geographical location.


  • Manage device groups
  • Configure device settings & features
  • Manage & deploy Apps, Files, Firmware
  • Define deployment schedules


  • Restrict user access
  • Restrict application usage
  • Remote data wipe, factory reset
  • Remote password management
  • Remote device encryption


  • Real-time location tracking
  • Historical location data
  • Assign device ownership
  • Play sound to locate misplaced devices


  • Manage device groups
  • Configure device settings & features
  • Manage & deploy Apps, Files, Firmware
  • Define deployment schedules


  • Real-time remote control and file access
  • Reduce costs & time on support calls
  • Send messages to users
  • Support remote intents & logcat

Significant Cost Reduction

MiDM enables companies to deploy the apps or update the operation system over the air (OTA) more effectively and always keep devices up-to-date. It offers an essential data transition to help users significantly decrease the bi-directional data traffic sizes while ensuring MiDM always connected to devices and reduce costs eventually.

Flexible Scheduling interface

Flexible Scheduling

MiDM offers update plan to allow users to set multiple time slots to automatically update devices. Each profile can have its own update plan. MiDM supports silent package deployment to push mandatory apps to devices without requiring user interaction.

Smart Location Service

MiDM provides location tracking services to detect and lockdown devices remotely. Whether it‘s a single device or hundreds spread across the country, manager will know with pinpoint accuracy exactly where each and every one of your assets are LIVE. Managers can also easily track call logs and messages of suspicious nature to delete or block certain mobile applications, to ensure you’re always updated against potential threats.

Real Time Trouble Shooting

MiDM lets administrators remotely view the screen of device in real-time, capture information about device/application problems and then adjust/repair configurations. Furthermore, it also allows mobile devices that were misplaced or stolen to be remotely locked and wiped clean of data, ensuring that no sensitive data are leaked out.

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