BE | Fertilizer transport tracking & logging

In Belgium - by law - transport of fertilizer has to be tracked and logged with an agricultural institution operating in conjunction with the Flemish government in order to prevent over-fertilisation which can lead to pollution of groundwater. Since 2012 therefore, each vehicle used for fertilizer transport in Belgium has to be fitted with a AGR-GPS antenna system. AGR stands for ‘Automatische Gegevens Registratie’ or ‘Automatic Data Registration’.

As part of this system, The MioWORK™ F700/F740 is used as a control panel in the vehicle cab, where drivers use a bespoke application to input information about the transport from start to finish. This information is then automatically send to a government server in real-time using a unique user-id attached.

The F700/F740 is fitted in the vehicle using the in-vehicle cradle and a standard AMPS RAM® Mounts solution. Using the standard fleet cable in combination with a bespoke MiTAC fleet port cable to RJ45 adapter, the tablet is connected to vehicle power and ignition, whilst the RS232 Tx/Rx cradle interface is used for data transfer with a Maptex WMCS AM120 vehicle tracker. Acting as a modem, the AM120 is connected to the AGR-GPS antenna module and is also linked with an automatic trailer identification system. The modem is further fitted with GSM/GPRS connectivity, which is primarily used for data transfer to and from the government server, but can also be utilized for fleet tracking information for the business’ own back office.

Finally, the bespoke fleet cable adapter also offers input connectivity for a Dallas 1-wire driver identification system.

Why MioWORK™ F700/F740?

  • Affordable rugged tablet solution with open Android™ platform
  • Unique cradle design with good I/O
  • Ability of MiTAC to offer customised solution
  • Rugged IP54 and 1.2m drop resistance casing and Automotive specifications
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BE Fertilizer transport tracking & logging

MioWORK™ F740

Exclusively Designed for In-Vehicle Use

Wireless Fleet Management with 4G/LTE Connection

The MioWORK™ F740 inherits the innovative F700 design but is enhanced with 4G/LTE connectivity to expand operation coverage. The built-in NFC function provides the ideal platform for asset tracking and driver identification. When used out of a vehicle, F740's front and rear cameras can assist in capturing footage during vehicle inspection or maintenance work and store the data in the built-in memory for later review.


MioWORK™ F740 function icon
    • IP54 ingression resistant- 1.2m (up to 1.8m*) drop-proof following MIL-STD-810G
    • Shock resistant up to 20G peaks following automotive SAE-J1455 standard

* With protective caps

MioWORK™ F740 function icon
  • 4G/LTE module for cellular data with fallback options
  • Professional-grade GPS (+AGPS) + GLONASS receiver
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4/5GHz) WiFi
  • Bluetooth® 4.1 BLE
  • NFC for wireless data exchange
  • 8MP AF Rear Camera and 2MP FF Front Camera
MioWORK™ F740 function icon
  • 7” capacitive multi-touch panel with glove mode
  • 630-nits high brightness panel with wide view angle
  • Features optical bonding technology for easy readability in direct sunlight situations
MioWORK™ F740 function icon
  • Quick release button for out-of-vehicle use
  • Charge and sync data from vehicle circuitry
  • AMPS RAM-mount compatible for various scenarios
MioWORK™ F740 product photo
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