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Trusted, Rugged Enterprise Tablet Validated and Approved by Google

The MioWORK™ L1000 Series has been certified as an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) rugged tablet, a Google-led global initiative that lists devices and services best equipped for professional use. It means that the L1000 Series has been Google-validated to deliver a powerful package of security and management capabilities, and provides the longevity required by businesses.

Built to Rugged & Robust Security

AER devices have to pass rigorous testing process conducted by Google to ensure that they meet strict enterprise-level requirements. This process is both hardware and software focused and covers a variety of criteria including performance, toughness, consistency and security, so that businesses can deploy the AER-certified MioWORK™ L1000 with confidence backed by Google.


Perform under tough environments

  • We meet and exceed enterprise-level requirements for drop-testing and ingress protection (IP)
  • Our devices are built with excellent processing power and memory to support our business needs

Keep consistent user experience in each device

  • Zero-touch enrollment for large-scale deployment and seamless integration with your EMM software
  • Standard provisioning flow with a consistent managed user experience

Stay current and secure with updates

  • 90-day security updates, available for five years from the launch date of the device
  • We guarantee initial shipping release+ one letter OS upgrade to support extended lifespan
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