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    MioWORK™ L135’s are being used to ‘spot check’ incoming goods deliveries at a Spanish beverage manufacturing facility. The professional 1D/2D integrated barcode reader is used to scan and book in the incoming products, whilst integrated Bluetooth® connectivity is utilised to connect the L135 to wireless weighing scales which have replaced the bulky and heavy out-dated physical weight stations previously used in the warehouse. Because weight from the wireless scales is directly transmitted and recorded to the tablet system, this automated process cuts down on time spend and increases efficiency.

    Why MioWORK™ L135?

    • IP67 & MIL-STD-810G 1.2m drop spec
    • 1D/2D integrated barcode reader
    • Integrated Bluetooth®  BLE and WiFi
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    MioWORK™ F700's are wall-mounted on the factory floor at various stations within the production line. The tablets are loaded with SAP Business One for Android™, which provides workers with an instant overview of the entire business flow, offering the latest information on stock levels, pending orders and clients.

    By making this information easily to workers on the factory floor, it enables the business to stay flexible and operate more efficiently.

    Why MioWORK™ F700?

    • Right screen size and form factor
    • Dual-band WiFi for uninterrupted connectivity indoors
    • Competitively priced semi-rugged solution
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    MioWORK™ F700’s are used in a US-based manufacturing plant. It is being used as a control panel on packing machines. Combined with the F700 (in-vehicle) cradle, it uses Tx/Rx interface to connect with packing machine’s modem and power I/O to connect with package machine’s power for device charging.

    The F700 device support PPP (point to point) data transfer and enables the packing machines to set up the production parameters and display the yield rate and problems timely.

    Why MioWORK™ F700?

    • Offer PPP connection to communicate with packing machines
    • IP54 water- & dust-resistant
    • Glove touch compatible display
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