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Logistics / Transport / Fleet Management

    The MioWORK™ F700 and F740’s are loaded with customer’s proprietary software solution which provides information that helps the end customers monitor and manage their assets in telematics, fuel and maintenance, compliance, routing and scheduling, workflow management and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, all in one integrated and configurable platform.

    The devices are installed on commercial vehicles. The built-in GPS technology combined with the software solution enables users to access key operating metrics such as revenue compared to cost-per-trip and identify variances between planned and actual performance.

    In addition, the F740 collects data such as vehicle parameters, logistical data and vehicle location and subsequently transmits this in real-time to the back-end management system. This data can then be analysed to facilitate improvement of return on investment.

    Why MioWORK™ F700/F740?

    • Accurate GPS system
    • LTE for real-time communication
    • Easy to fit, solid cradle with power supply
    • Robust and compact design
    • Reduction of TCO
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    Dozens of MioWORK™ L75s are fitted in the vehicle fleet of a French taxi firm. The large 7" screen improves the driver experience, managing the entire shift from instant job dispatch to managing the cash flow throughout the day. The integrated, professional grade GPS/GLONASS antenna, is used for accurate turn-by-turn navigation.

    Finally, the quick-release active cradle allows for the driver to easily remove the tablet to use as a nametag when welcoming guests at an airport or train station or when a change of vehicle is required.

    Why MioWORK™ L75?

    • Rugged automotive specification
    • 3G Connectivity
    • Quick-release cradle design
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