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    MioCARE™ L135’s are used to complete operating checklist in real-time. The tablet provides access to online protocols and the digital version of the Electronic Health Record system (EHR) as well as medication databases.  The integrated camera’s are used for capturing evidence or data when necessary, which can then be attached to the patient EHR.

    Furthermore, the integrated 1D/2D BCR is used to scan the barcodes of Medical Devices (MD).

    Why MioCARE™ L135?

    • 3G & WiFi for seamless data transfer
    • Built-in camera
    • Built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner
    • Antimicrobial housing
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    Customized MioCARE™ L135 tablets are used in hospital operating theatres. The L135 is running a system that keeps track of surgical sponges. The interface offers extended capabilities to track individual sponges and gauzes used in surgery to reduce the risk of retained sponges. This system is currently in use in more than 500 hospitals nationwide. In an estimated 11 million-plus procedures utilizing 200 million sponges, the system has never failed to identify a retained sponge.

    MiTAC exceeded customer expectations by creating a specially designed cradle with additional battery slot suitable for a medical environment. The integrated 1D/2D Barcode reader is used to scan surgical equipment being used in order to prevent retained surgical items (RSI) in patients.

    Why MioCARE™ L135?

    • Built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner
    • Customized proprietary cradle system
    • WiFi for secure data transfer
    • Built-in camera
    • Antimicrobial housing
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    MioCARE™ A505's are used in a large hospital in China and are running Mio in-house medical nursing system (mNIS) for storage of patient personal information, medication- and inventory management, clinical data integration and tracking of laboratory results.

    Through wireless and barcode scanning technology, the MioCARE™

    A505 mobile handheld device enables Medical professionals to record and check every aspect of a medical record efficiently. MNIS not only improves the accuracy of recording and checking, but also increases accountability by providing basic and accurate data for nursing performance assessment.

    Why MioCARE™ A505?

    • 1D/2D barcode scanner & RFID
    • Handy pocket-sized design
    • Anti-microbial IP67 Water proof
    • Proprietary MiTAC mNIS system
    • Multi-charging cradles for 24/7 nursing
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    Deployed in over 50 care homes, the MioCARE™ A235's run a software solution that integrates into all stages of patient medication: from prescription, to dispensing and eventually administering in care homes. The integrated barcode reader automatically verifies medication against patient records, resulting in significant reduction of errors, whilst also reducing medicine waste.

    The solution also saves a lot of time otherwise spend on manually managing medicines, allowing nurses to spend more time taking care of patients. Unique user log-in ID's also provide accountability to individual nurses, further improving patient care.

    This project is currently preparing to migrate to the A500 Series.

    Why MioCARE™ A235 / A505?

    • Ergonomic pocket-sized design
    • Large screen for more details
    • Charging cradle accessories
    • Built-in 1D/2D Barcode reader
    • SOTI Compatible
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