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Cleaning and Disinfecting Guide

Thousands of field workers around the world use rugged MioWORK™ tablets & handhelds in diversified environments such as hospitals, restaurants, routes, warehouses, and more. Nevertheless, some critical conditions may cause the risk of damage to devices or the possibility of infections due to environmental contamination. Fortunately, these can be prevented from routine cleaning and disinfecting devices for not only worker safety and health but also prolonging the life of the devices.

Following the instructions

Step 1

Turn off the device and ensure battery is installed and back cover (if has) is properly locked.

Step 2

Wipe all surfaces of the device with the moistened Lint-free cloth following the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Step 3

Use a cotton swab moistened by a disinfectant to clean the buttons and other recessed areas of the device.

Step 4

Leave the device to completely air dry before turning on the power or placing it in a cradle/ docking station.

Suggested Disinfectants:

Name Manufacturer Active Ingredient
Isopropyl Alcohol 75% Multiple Manufacturers Alcohol
CaviWipes Metrex Alcohol (17.20%)
Clean-Up Clorox Sodium Hypochlorite
Oxivir® Tb Wipes Diversey Hydrogen Peroxide

* Please refer to the instructions provided by the disinfectant manufacturer.

Antimicrobial Housing Designed for Healthcare & Hospitality

Infection control in healthcare facilities and restaurants is big business. MioWORK™ L1000 & A500 Series product lines are adopted the inorganic antimicrobial agent - IONPURE®, certified by US FDA & EPA and EU BPR, which provides extraordinarily sterilizing power and keeps the antibacterial effect for a long time.

Passing strict JIS Z 2801 test for antimicrobial activity of materials, MioWORK™ L1000 & A500 Series empowers front-line staffs to work safely and efficiently.

With the presence of moisture, IONPURE® releases Ag ions gradually. Ag ions can extinguish microbes including super bacteria by either bursting their cell walls or inhibiting multiplication of microbes when being taken into microbes.


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