Nursing Application Partnership

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Three partners, offering leading technology to improve care and patient safety and enhance patient experience.

In the final public enquiry report on failures at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, the public inquiry chair Robert Francis urged the NHS to make better use of technology to improve patient safety and efficiency of patient care. Specifically, recom- mendation 243 states:

“The recording of routine observations on the ward should, where possible, be done automatically as they are taken, with results being immediately accessible to all staff electronically in a form enabling progress to be monitored and interpreted.”

Nursing Application Partnership

The Solution

Dakota Integrated Solutions, MioCARE™ and Neova Health join forces to provide nursing observations solution

The solution provided by Dakota Integrated Solutions, MioCARE™ and Neova Health allows nurses to record patient observations at the bedside. Using tablet devices the solution replicates patient charts in electronic format and calculates the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) to assist with patient safety and the essential monitoring of patient observtions. It is compliant with national standards for nursing observations and is easily configured to fit an individual Trust’s needs. The mobile technology is uniquely focused on healthcare, freeing nurses from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on the patient.

The technology enables nurses to make decisions at the bedside without the worry of filling out paper work, and then putting the information on hospital IT systems at a later time in the day. It has already reduced the time it takes nurses to complete administration by more than three quarters in other parts of the world.

The open source e-obs software solution by Neova Health

The open e-obs platform supports clinicians by automatically applying Trust policies to their work- flow in real-time. The company’s solution ensures that hospitals policies on capturing vital signs, early warning score (EWS), clinical responses and patient assessment protocols are fully implemented in many services within the same trust.

By using the MioCARE™ range of mobile devices the vital signs can be quickly captured at the patient bedside. This enables the real-time calculation of the EWS. The platform automatically triggers an alert with the relevant clinical teams, and will escalate and manage these alerts directly, if further action or intervention is needed.

This solution can provide complete clinical assess- ment and screenings for hospitals including VTE, sepsis, dementia, MRSA, fluid balance, in-dwelling devices and nutrition scores. It can support your local EWS protocols as well as national protocols, like NEWS. Senior Clinicians can easily configure local escalation rules for any of the assessments and screening workflows.

The prompt response to clinical change is proven to shorten the length of stay, reduce transfers with- in the hospitals and to the ICU. In conclusion, by identifying deteriorating patients and automatically escalating for clinical response, the open-eObs solution helps hospitals raise care standards, and deliver on national and local targets for improve- ments in care quality and patient safety.

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Nursing has been long neglected by healthcare IT and remains paper-heavy. I’m passionate about freeing nurses from unnecessary paper and duplicated effort. With dedicated additional funding from NHS England available to support Trusts who adopt open technologies, the eObs solution from Neova Health, Dakota and MioCARE™ has a compelling business case.

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Rob Dyke, Director of Neova Health

MioCARE™ A235

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  • Dual-band WiFi for reliable connectivity
  • GPS enabled
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 EDR
MioCARE™ A235 function icon
  • IP54 water- and dustproof casing
  • 1m resistant to drops following MIL-STD-810G
  • Antimicrobial housing
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  • Uses Android™ 5.1
  • CTS Certified
  • Easily integrate existing applications through Android™ SDK
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  • Built-in NFC RFID technology for two-factor authentication
  • Optional 1D/2D barcode imager
  • Front and rear cameras

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