MioCARE™ simplifies the regulatory compliance needs of modern dental practice ‘Nothing but the tooth’

Nothing but the tooth is a West Midlands based dental practice with a long established reputation for ethical dentistry, serving the needs of x patients every year. Since re-launching the practice in 2010, Principal Dentist & Clinical Director, Celia Burns, has engaged in a phased three year refurbishment project which will improve the practices facilities and service offering. This will allow the practice to meet the government’s latest regulatory document on infection control and help the practice work towards the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme. Healthcare mobility brand MioCARE™ was introduced to ‘Nothing but the tooth’ by Apolline, the first company of its kind in the UK to provide a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf and bespoke services and tools to specifically support the business management, operational and regulatory compliance needs of a modern dental practice.

Nothing but the tooth is a long standing customer of Apolline, who provided bespoke software to ensure the practice fulfilsregulatory compliance requirements. The combination of the MioCARE™ Z100 and Apolline’s web based software ensured a seamless setup of the audit process with the integrated solution working as soon as it arrived. The practice was happy to trial the device as it meant the initial dummy audits could be conducted with minimal disruption.

MioCARE™ simplifies the regulatory compliance needs of modern dental practice ‘Nothing but the tooth’ banner photo

The Solution

The ergonomically designed MioCARE™ Z100 tablet was specifically developed for healthcare environments following extensive research into the correct width, height and weight for a device to be handheld was conducted. The result is a responsive, lightweight handheld tablet with healthcare led deployment solutions that can be comfortably carried and used throughout the day, with the aim of improving clinical workflows.

The key advantage(s) of the MioCARE™ Z100 to ‘Nothing but the tooth’ was the removal of PC use. The tablet’s small size and light weight allows it to be carried like a check pad to complete an audit and saving valuable time. The tablet has the added benefit of being cleanable with standard alcohol solutions, required as a standard in a dental environment.

Upon introducing the MioCARE™ Z100 tablet into the practice, Apolline worked with ‘Nothing but the tooth’ on a read audit and a new action plan, spending a day with the Practice Manager to demonstrate the ease of use and key functionality of the tablet, proving a clear explanation of how to evidence compliance and see the results on the Apolline application, as well as providing crucial safeguarding training.

MioCARE™ simplifies the regulatory compliance needs of modern dental practice ‘Nothing but the tooth’ banner photo

I saw the MioCARE™ Z100 tablet as a way of making the compliance tasks much more accessible and easy to carry out for our Practice Manager as a PC is not immediately required. The daily compliance needs are now built into a routine when and where they are being carried out, without the need to have a paper checklist and the additional work of a secondary task to input data.

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Cecilia Burns

We now have a very clear list on what we have to do to evidence compliance and have a rag rated action which we are working through. We now use the MioCARE™ Z100 tablet as an integrated part of our routine which has saved the practice time and money. I am confident that the combination of the MioCARE™ and Apolline offering will ensure we pass a CQC inspection.

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Celia Burns

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