Mio Cyclo Discover Series win the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award

The combination of outstanding product features and stunning software functions makes the Cycle Discover series the only outdoor navigation product to earn the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award

Winning 2021 Computex Best Choice Award ─ MiVue 892D

MiVue 892D is the first dashcam utilized with the 2K high resolution video technology for both front and rear camera recording in the market. The epoch-making breakthrough would allow users to capture exciting moment and record their journey in a crystal-clear video quality.


Mio launches the new outdoor recreational navigation product – Cyclo Discover series, includes Cyclo Discover and Cyclo Discover Plus.

The Cyclo Discover series installed with Mio’s exclusive route planning tool – NeverMiss, the patented turn-by-turn route planning tool – Surprise Me, and Europe local route planning services– RouteYou and Komoot.


Launched the first adjustable camera dashcam

The new series content an adjustable camera function, users are able to adjust the camera basic the user scenario, allowing to capture everything you see as you drive.

The MioSPACE M1000 series

The Sleek MioSPACE M1000 series is an ideal enterprise solution for optimizing allocation of meeting grooms, shared spaces and offices to maximize use of commercial real-estate. Featuring ultra-slim form factor and advanced cable management design, it can be installed quickly and effortlessly on glass, wood, concrete and other surfaces.


Dashcam with sleek design to make your driving experience better.

A covert design that fits perfectly between the rear-view mirror and the windshield, making the front windshield look uncluttered. This results in unobstructed views, a beautiful interior and improved driving safety.

Launched the new outdoor-oriented dashcam — the MiVue M760D

A slim, lightweight, and waterproof rider camera. The full HD 1080p camera begins recording as soon as you start your motorcycle and functions as a personal eyewitness, even in the low-light conditions


Launched new brand spirit – All about you

A brand to be a household name in safety and wellness, and a brand loved by people the world over. Our mission is Thoughtfully design technologies that better people’s lives and create the next generation of products and solutions that meet user’s evolving safety and wellness needs.

MiVue 7 series

A new edge for dashcam recording backup solution The high-end drive recorders enhanced with Wi-Fi connectivity. G-sensor, this feature ensures that when a traffic event occurs, recordings will be instantly backed up to user’s smartphone. All new MiVue 7 series dashcams also support rear-camera recording, allowing users to capture traffic details from any angle while driving.

iF design award

The navigation product – MiVue drive series and the professional ECG event recorder – MiCor series win the 2017 IF design award.


MiCor series

A professional bracelet executively designed for health purpose. The world’s first waterproof go-anywhere wristband-type cardiac event recorder. Users can record ECG data anytime, anywhere MiCor A100 is the world’s first wearable ECG event recorder to be given TFDA and CE approval. Testing at Leeds Hospital in England compared the MiCor A100 and with traditional holter monitors and found that it performed on par with only minor BPM measurement variation.


The first personal navigation with camera function.

Users are able to navigate his/her destination while the drive recording function on. Allowing the save space from the front windshield.

Dashcam with rear camera

The external type rear camera allows our dashcam user expand their video recording view from the front to the behind. a perfect partner to complete the sense of secure.

Winning the 2015 Computex BEST CHOICE award, MiVue rear-mirror dashcam product — MiVue R30

At just 12mm thick (9mm at its thinnest point) with a 4.3-inch screen, the MiVue R30 is the ideal in-car rear-mirror DVR for any motor vehicle. The MiVue R30 is the first 1296p Super HD rear-mirror DVR, featuring six (6) glass elements that let in more light than comparable plastic components. MiVue captures video with sharper images and more vivid colors, whether in the day or at night.

iF Design Award

MiVue 5 series dashcam and the professional tablet – MioCARE/MioWORK A335 win the 2015 iF design award.


iF Design Award

Receiving both the 2014 iF Design Award and Product of the Year 2014 at the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2014 in Russia, thanks to the device’s innovative touch panel screen design

Win the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award

MiVue R25 rear-mirror dashcam and MioCARE chemotherapy dosing software win the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award.


The first outdoor dashcam product

MiVue M300, the first outdoor dashcam designed for motorcycle, outdoor activieites exclusively. Featuring IPX8 rated for water resistance and provides mountable and wearable accessories, as well as a “quick-release design” function.


The best bicycling navigation experience.

The bicycle navigation devices for both recreational and competitive cyclists. Mio’s unique Surprise MeTM feature - Just choose your time, distance or destination and the Mio Cyclo™ will offer you 3 surprising routes to choose from.


MioCARE series

World first tablet designed for medical professionals with dedicated solutions, with hardware and software customized for the healthcare environment. The MioCARE series is the world’s first pocket-sized tablet, optimally designed for healthcare, with integrated barcode scanner.

MioWORK series

A professional tablet especially designed to offer agile solutions for optimizing your commercial transportation business

MioPad series

The world’s handiest tablet and the first with dual GPS receivers.

The first appearance of Mio dahcam product – MiVue series

Launches Mio’s Drive Video Recorder for providing full-feature solutions to all kinds of problems drivers have on the road


iPhone cradle accessory

Mio launches cradle allows owners of all generations of iPhone or iPod touch to navigate from A to B in a safe manner and benefit from the advantages of the car kit


Mio Moov Series

Go large and see more with ultra-wide 7 inch Multimedia Navigator



The world’s first dual-screen Navigation Phone


The new brand spirit – Explore More

We are looking for change the way people visualize the world

Mio C728+TV Box

The ultimate navigation and entertainment experience


Mio GPS PDA Phone

Launched Mio’s first GPS PDA Phones, A700 and A701


Mio 269

Launched the first GPS device with 2.5GB HDD, Mio 269


Mio 136

Launched Win CE based GPS device, Mio 136

Mio 8870

Launched Mio’s first bar type smart phone


The world’s first Chinese Windows Mobile™ smart phone

Launched the world’s first Chinese Windows Mobile™ smart phone with built-in digital camera, Mio 8380

Mio 558

Launched the world's first dual-mode, dual-slot Pocket PC Mio 558 in 2003


Mio 528

Launched the world’s slimmest and lightest Pocket PC, Mio 528 in 2002

Mio Brand Established

Mio Brand Established

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