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  1. MioWORK™ L135

    MioWORK™ L135

    INDUSTRIES : Retail     Field Mobility     Utilities     Manufacturing     Warehousing    

    • 10.1-inch capacitive touch panel with active digitizer
    • IP67 water & dust resistant and 1.2m drop-proof
    • 1D/2D Barcode scanner
    • 3G, WiFi connected
    • Android™ 5.1
    • GPS
    • NFC, HF RFID Data capture
    • 8 hrs battery life, hot-swappable
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  2. MioWORK™ L73/L75 Fleet/L73R/L75R Flat

    MioWORK™ L73/L75 Fleet/L73R/L75R Flat

    INDUSTRIES : Retail    Warehousing    Logistics & Fleet Management

    • 7" Capacitive touch panel
    • IP67 water, dust +1.0m drop resistant
    • Dedicated vehicle cradle with fleet connectivity*
    • 3G**, WiFi connected
    • Android™ 4.2.2
    • GPS
    • NFC, HF RFID Data capture
    • 8+ hours of continuous use
    *Only available on L73/L75 Fleet models
    **Only available on L75 Fleet and L75R Flat models
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