MioWORK™ Industrial Tablets

Industrial Tablets – Powerful and Durable for Punishing Workplaces

Find the right MioWORK™ Device for you. Designed to withstand the demands of work environments where ruggedness and reliability are key, including Transport and Logistics, Field Services, Warehousing, Retail and Hospitality and Fleet Management. Lightweight and customisable to your specific needs.

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  1. MioWORK™ L1000 Series

    MioWORK™ L1000 Series

    INDUSTRIES : Field Mobility     Warehousing     Manufacturing     Utilities     Healthcare    Retail    

    • 10.1-inch capacitive touch panel with anti-fingerprint
    • IP67 water & dust resistant, 1.2m drop-proof
    • 1D/2D barcode scanner*
    • 4G LTE*, WIFI connected
    • Android™ 9.0 (GMS)
    • GPS*
    • NFC, HF RFID data capture
    • Integrated camera
    • 8 hrs+ battery life, hot-swappable

    • * Optional
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